About us

Welcome to Our Company

Studio Kucijarov d.o.o. as a production of 3D graphics, 3D animations, 3D imaging, 3D Animation Films and TV Shows and TV Commercials successfully operating from year 2000. We also have extensive experience in the development of web sites and web applications as well as a variety of applications on the Internet using a 9 programming languages in which we work. The endless source of ideas and imagination we use in all projects and as a proof of our quality is our diversity of successful clients with who we work and cooperate successfully for many years.

Our Mission

We are on the mission with every project to bring out beauty and to life our clients visions ,ideas and plans. To present them in a most perfect way and 3D technology is the only way who can do it. Our mission is also to present and show products of our clients in a must perfect way to animate them and so clients can show there products in every way they want, with details that cant be visible in naked eye. Also on request we are presenting our clients our ideas and cooperate with them so we can achieve the clients goal. We believe in a team work between client and our company , so we are sharing ideas and possibilities with our clients so production finale can be always on a right path.

With Studio Kucijarov you will see the Visible Difference !


Our Reference List-our clients

  • Austrotherm Gmbh
  • Austrotherm – Serbia
  • Wahrheit
  • ELITE-Summit Trading
  • Wolf Plastics – Austria
  • CATTADORI – Milano
  • Tahirovic Furniture
  • Lido Ketering
  • MD Production
  • TV Pink
  • TV Prva
  • TV RTS
  • TV Happy
  • ProDomo
  • Vumo Celuna
  • Grand Production
  • Moskkomerc
  • CBT
  • Art Concept Gallery Paris
  • Quorum Marketing
  • Biology Cosmetics
  • United Magazines Editorial
  • SBS TV
  • Sigla C.o.
  • B.P.W. Wolfgang
  • Crrazy World Event Concept
  • Scholz Druck
  • Ocean Space
  • Cameleon Concept
  • Seven Eleven 7/11
  • Slurpee
  • MNF production
  • Media Wizards
  • Beoton
  • City Records
  • Miss Serbia
  • Fara Fashion
  • Modelstyle
  • Chamber of Commerce of Serbia
  • Chamber of Commerce of Belgrade
  • Miss Universe
  • Fashion Forward
  • Pompea
  • Beovision
  • Serba Airways
  • Porto Carras Resorts
  • Europack
  • Balkan Beauty Ambasador
  • Elsy Beauty – New York
  • Hansch Norhaim
  • Gilbert Guetta
  • Krunch Design
  • Media 3
  • Emagin Studio
  • Marija Sabic Confection
  • Zastava Film
  • Ministry of Defense Serbia
  • Army of Serbia Academy
  • Biljana for you – TV Show
  • Partizan
  • Mision Imposible – TV Show
  • Numanovic Firniture
  • Metro screws Industry
  • Bussines magazine
  • Gloria Magazine
  • Beauty and Health Magazine
  • Prva Records
  • Acai Berry Tea Industry
  • Gilmour Atletics
  • Etisalat Prizes for BBC
  • MaxTex
  • Buffalo Trade